CURRENT UPDATES-As of this writing we are now open with our regular business hours. However we are still restricted to 50 people maximum and social distancing is in effect. Bar stools are spaced out and the gaming room has Plexiglas dividers between the machines. Hand sanitizer and masks are available to anyone who wants them.

Pana Eagle's 2020-2021 Officers

Aerie: -Past Worthy President Phil Palmer, President Todd West, Vice President Don Price, Chaplain Leon Goff, Secretary Mark Denton, Treasurer Bill Schmitz, Conductor Todd Seaton, Inside Guard Jim Emerick, Outside Guard Mike Nochta. Aerie Trustees are Dwight Brown(C.O.B.), Steve Salsi, Steve Dean, Alex Dean and Buddy Brown. The Aerie Auditor is Denny Elmore.

Auxiliary: -Past Madam President Sheila Carroll, President Jeanne Biggs, Vice President Gloria Girrulat, Chaplain Deb Miller, Secretary Linda Miller, Treasurer Susie Berninger, Conductor Martha Edwards, Inside Guard Kay Goff. Auxiliary Trustees are Leah Koontz, Phyllis Elmore and Sharon Cross. The Auxiliary Auditor is Denny Elmore.



"As part of our Annual Meetings in Reno, Nevada, last month, leadership of the Fraternal Order of Eagles got together to discuss possible remedies for our loss of members due to the coronavirus. On July 11, we saw quite a few members leave our rolls either through financial hardship, or simple forgetfulness as they adapt to our current state of affairs. The following changes related to membership were brought to the floor and passed by a vote of the Aerie delegates in order to help relieve some of the hardship placed on our members:The $10 re-enrollment fee will be waived until December 31, 2020, for members who were dropped for failure to pay dues this year.Any member who was dropped for failure to pay dues this year who re-enrolls before the end of the current fraternal year (May 31, 2021) will be allowed to keep their years of membership. These members will still be considered "re-enrolled" and will be subject to a vote of the membership but will retain their original initiation date. Any member dropped in a previous year who re-enrolls will NOT be entitled to having their years of membership reinstated."

Summer Tournaments/Events

*Sunday Mixed Doubles Pool tournament has resumed. Start time is 3pm.

*Sunday Night Bingo has resumed.

*Monday Night Pool tournament will resume on July 6th at 7pm.

*Tuesday Night Ladies Pool tournament will resume on July 14th at 6pm.

*Wednesday Night Cards has resumed. Start time is 6pm.

*Thursday Night Horseshoes has resumed. Sign up starts at 6pm and we start throwing at 7pm.

*Friday Night Bean Bags has begun! Sign up starts at 6pm and we start throwing at 7pm.

*We have tentatively scheduled our annual Lawnmower Poker Run for Saturday, October 10th.

* Our 35th Anniversary Party is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th. More details to follow.

Please check our Facebook page for updates as they occur. (Pana Eagles Aerie #4109).

Eagle of the Year -Alex Dean!-President Todd West has awarded Alex Dean the Eagle of the Year Award for the 2019-2020 year. Alex has always gone above and beyond in helping to support our club. He is running events, doing repairs, helping with receptions and always volunteering his time to help our club. Congratulations Alex, your award is well deserved!

Sick and Ailing/Sympathy Cards- If you know of someone who needs a card expressing sympathy, get well, thinking of you, or just an encouraging word, please contact Gloria Girrulat and she will see that they get one. You can call or text her at 217-825-1961. Thank you.

Pana Eagle's Facebook-Check out our Facebook page at Pana Eagles Aerie #4109!! If you have anything you would like posted on our page, contact Alex Dean or Lisa Schmitz at the club.

Newsletter -If anyone has anything they would like to have in the monthly newsletter (either the printed version or online), please have it ready and turned in by the second meeting each month. Thank You...Mark

THANK YOU! -Thank you to all of the individuals and committees that donate their time and effort to help our club. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.