JUNE 2020


CURRENT UPDATES-At a special meeting held on Tuesday, May 26th 2020, we have decided to open on Friday, May 29th at 4pm. We will be open for outside service only. Seating will be allowed in the pavilion and outside picnic tables and chairs. One person at a time will be allowed into the bar to order drinks or to use the restroom. Social distancing will be enforced and CDC guidelines will be posted. We are hoping to enter Phase 4 of the Governor's Re-Open Illinois plan the last week of June and then will be able to allow inside service. We will keep you posted in our newsletter and on our Facebook page as we get more information.

Officer Nominations-The Grand Aerie has instructed us to have nominations of officers on the first meeting after re-opening. We will have the election on the second meeting after re-opening. We will then have installation of officers at least five days after the election. We are now planning to have our first meeting on Tuesday, June 16th at 7pm. Nominations will be held at that meeting. Please attend the meeting if you would like to be nominated for an officer position. If you cannot attend the meeting, please send a letter to the club stating what position you would accept if nominated. The letter must be signed. For the Aerie, all line officers are up for election except Secretary, and there are 3 Trustee positions open. For the Auxiliary, all positions are open except Secretary and Treasurer. Send the letter to the attention of Mark Denton, Aerie Secretary or to Linda Miller, Auxiliary Secretary, to the address at the top of this newsletter. By sending a letter, you will be considered for nomination even if you cannot attend the meeting. All current officers will remain in their respective offices until their successors are duly elected and installed. The election will be held on Tuesday, July 7th, from Noon until 6:30pm. The date for installation of officers will be announced when available.

Dues-At this point, the Grand Aerie has remained committed to the May 31st deadline for paying dues, with a 30 day grace period extending until June 30th. You may bring your dues to the club and the bartender will give you a receipt or you can mail your dues to the club. You do not need to wait for a dues reminder to pay your dues, you are welcome to pay them at any time. The Aerie's dues are $40 and Auxiliary's dues are $25. The Grand Aerie will continue to assess the situation and will notify us of any changes. All membership cards will be mailed to you, so if your address has changed let us know or you may not receive your card.

Easter Eggtravaganza-The event has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 27th. The Events committee will be live-streaming the event on our Face book page Pana Eagles Aerie #4109. Eagle members will be allowed to attend the live-streaming. It will be held outside and social distancing will be enforced. Event's committee member and Treasurer Bill Schmitz will draw a random number from 1 to 200 from a hopper which will indicate whose ticket has been drawn. (There are a total of 200 tickets). He will then give the number drawn to President Todd West who will randomly pick an egg with a number inside. The number inside the egg corresponds to a prize which the ticket holder has won. Prizes can be picked up on Sunday, June 28th from Noon until 8pm. If you cannot pick up your prize on Sunday, arrangements will be made to get you your prize. Bill and Todd do not hold tickets and cannot win any prizes. If we are permitted under the Governor's Re-open Illinois plan, we will have other activities after the live-streaming and will allow members of the public to attend. Please watch our Facebook page for updates.

Officer Weekend-Officer Weekend and our Anniversary Party which was rescheduled for Friday, June 19th and Saturday June 20th has been rescheduled again. Because the State Aerie has canceled Officer Weekends, we will be having only our 35th Anniversary Party. It will be held on Saturday, October 24th. We will have times and details in future newsletters and on our Facebook page.

Eagle of the Year -Alex Dean!-President Todd West has awarded Alex Dean the Eagle of the Year Award for the 2019-2020 year. This award is normally given out at our yearly Officer's Weekend in April, but due to the cancellation of all Officer Weekend's, Alex was given the award by President West at a Special Meeting on May 26th. Alex has always gone above and beyond in helping to support our club. He is running events, doing repairs, helping with receptions and always volunteering his time to help our club. Congratulations Alex, your award is well deserved!

Summer Tournaments-We are still trying determine if and when our regular summer events will be held. Horseshoes, Bean Bags, our 4th of July party and Lawnmower Poker run will be held if possible.

Sick and Ailing/Sympathy Cards- If you know of someone who needs a card expressing sympathy, get well, thinking of you, or just an encouraging word, please contact Gloria Girrulat and she will see that they get one. You can call or text her at 217-825-1961. Thank you.

Pana Eagle's Facebook-Check out our Facebook page at Pana Eagles Aerie #4109!! If you have anything you would like posted on our page, contact Alex Dean or Lisa Schmitz at the club.

Newsletter -If anyone has anything they would like to have in the monthly newsletter (either the printed version or online), please have it ready and turned in by the second meeting each month. Thank You...Mark

THANK YOU! -Thank you to all of the individuals and committees that donate their time and effort to help our club. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


JUNE 2020

1st   Mona Eddy

3rd   Tina Dunaway, Steve Mashburn

5th   Arthur Bohlen, Mark Brown, Alisa Salsi

8th   Melvin Galvin, Lupe Hebenstreit

9th   Keith Puckett

10th   Mike Miller

11th   Jeanne Biggs, Aubrey Puckett

13th   Connie Beck

14th   Alan Foster

16th   Leon Goff, Ron Miles

19th   Michelle Hill

20th   Jimmy Barding


21st   Mike Berninger, Lyndell Duff, Randy Sutton

22nd   Brett Pruett, Carol Ray

24th   Ken Hancock, Cheryl Rigdon, Kenneth Robinson I

25th   David Jestis, Charlotte Terneus

28th   Keith Evrley

29th   Earl Dean

30th   Brenda Blades, Dwight Brown, Debbie Hammond