April / May 2020


Hello everyone, I hope this finds you safe and healthy. I am now able to get out a newsletter so this is an informational update for April and May. As of right now, the club will not re-open before June 1st, unless the governor lifts restrictions earlier. I will send out another newsletter in mid-May with any updates. All events scheduled for May have been canceled. -

Officer Nominations-The Grand Aerie has instructed us to have nominations of officers on the first meeting after re-opening. We will have the election on the second meeting after re-opening. We will then have installation of officers at least five days after the election. Since we do not currently know the date of re-opening, if you wish to run for an office for the 2020-2021 year, please send a letter to the club stating what position you would accept if nominated. The letter must be signed. For the Aerie, all line officers are up for election except Secretary, and there are 3 Trustee positions open. For the Auxiliary, all positions are open except Secretary and Treasurer. Send the letter to the club to the attention of Mark Denton, Aerie Secretary or to Linda Miller, Auxiliary Secretary. I will do my best to notify you of our re-opening date so that you can attend the meeting. By sending a letter, you will be considered for nomination even if you cannot attend the meeting. All current officers will remain in their respective offices until their successors are duly elected and installed.

Dues-At this point, the Grand Aerie has remained committed to the May 31st deadline for paying dues, with a 30 day grace period extending until June 30th. Please mail your dues to the club. You do not need to wait for a dues reminder to pay your dues, you are welcome to pay them at any time. The Aerie's dues are $40 and Auxiliary's dues are $25. The Grand Aerie will continue to assess the situation and will notify us of any changes. All membership cards will be mailed to you. Please let us know if your address has changed or you may not receive your card.

Easter Eggtravaganza-The event has been rescheduled for Saturday, June 27th. The Events committee is monitoring the situation and any updates will be in future newsletters. Hopefully we will have the event in it's original format, with a band, 50/50 drawings and raffles. If they are unable to do that, other options are being considered and we will let you know as soon as possible.

Officer Weekend-Officer Weekend has been tentatively rescheduled for Friday, June 19th and Saturday June 20th. Again, if there are any changes to these dates, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Sick and Ailing/Sympathy Cards- If you know of someone who needs a card expressing sympathy, get well, thinking of you, or just an encouraging word, please contact Gloria Girrulat and she will see that they get one. You can call or text her at 217-825-1961. Thank you.

Pana Eagle's Facebook-Check out our Facebook page at Pana Eagles Aerie #4109!! If you have anything you would like posted on our page, contact Alex Dean or Lisa Schmitz at the club.

Newsletter -If anyone has anything they would like to have in the monthly newsletter (either the printed version or online), please have it ready and turned in by the second meeting each month. Thank You...Mark

THANK YOU! -Thank you to all of the individuals and committees that donate their time and effort to help our club. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


APRIL 2020

1st   Linda Burgess, Jake Matthews, Orval Miller, Kenny Robinson ll

3rd   Beth Funneman, Carrie Vail

5th   Jim Epley, Craig Mattewson, Kim Sipes

6th   Cathy Mathias, Aurelia Weddle

8th   Chris Johnson

9th   Charles Dickson

11th   Randy Smith

12th   Scott Collins

13th   Taylor Miller

14th   Nancy Gibson, Kenny Kaiser

15th   Warnie Jordan

16th   Shirley DeClerk, Don Wright


18th   Sheila Jordan

19th   Greg Hrabak, Jerry Spinner

21st   Zach Clutter

22nd   Roscoe Davis, Patricia Jones

23rd   Lisa Temmen

24th   Alex Dean, Dede Pollard

25th   Marcus Voudrie

26th   Ginger Lowe

28th   Sandy Spinner

MAY 2020

1st   Phillip Holthaus, Lorene Markham

3rd   Sheila Carroll, Linda Satterlee

4th   Christy Clutter, Larry Dean

5th   Cheryl Brown, Carol Ketz

6th   Debra Beck, Celia Brown, Kirtus Collins, Tom Dial

8th   Stephen Schmitz, Angie Worker

9th   Keith Allen

10th   Marie Weddle

12th   Amy Sue Foster

13th   Ted Vail

14th   Junior Kile, Jessica Saunders

15th   Helen Laker

Birthday GIF

16th   Diane Getz

18th   Authur Salsi

21st   Bert Crowe

27th   Dawn Dean, Beverly Stone, Paul White Jr

28th   Michele Hefley

29th   Jenny Moore

30th   Robert Bowman, Terri Gordon, Theresa Kile

31st   Gloria Palmer